Project Overview

Volunteer Computing (VC) is a form of computing that is done using donated compute-cycles. The BOINC@TACC project integrates supercomputing with VC. It provides the capability of routing *qualified* High-Throughput Computing (HTC) jobs from the supercomputers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) to the volunteered devices running either the BOINC ×BOINC is an open-source software platform for volunteer computing and it has a client-server architecture. Once a BOINC client is downloaded on a device (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, or a VM running in the cloud) owned by a volunteer or an institution, the BOINC server starts sending computational tasks to the client when it is plugged in to the power supply and is available to accept tasks. Upon the completion of the tasks, the results are gathered from the clients participating in the computations, and are uploaded to the BOINC server, from where they are then forwarded to the researchers. clients or another component that is a part of the BOINC@TACC software infrastructure. This integration of VC with supercomputing can potentially help those researchers/scholars who are running low on compute-time allocations on the TACC supercomputers, or are interested in reducing the turnaround time of their jobs when the supercomputers are over-subscribed.

To participate in the BOINC@TACC project, volunteers can either download the BOINC clients on their devices (such as laptops, desktops, and servers), or they can download another software provided by the BOINC@TACC project on their VMs in the cloud. Additional information on the software for volunteering the VMs in the cloud can be sought by sending an email to After downloading the required software (for the devices or the VMs), the volunteers would need to register on the BOINC@TACC website by going here.

The researchers interested in using the BOINC@TACC infrastructure, can learn more about how to use it by following the steps in the user-guide

The BOINC@TACC infrastructure relies on the availability of the researchers' applications as Docker images. The researchers have the option of running the pre-built Docker images of the following applications that are maintained by the BOINC@TACC project team: Autodock-Vina, Bedtools, BLAST, Bowtie, GROMACS, HTSeq, LAMMPS, NAMD, and OpenSees. The researchers can also choose any other publicly available image in Docker Hub and run it through the BOINC@TACC infrastructure. If the researchers are not familiar with containerization, they can use the software framework provided by the BOINC@TACC project to automatically create the Docker images. Currently, the BOINC@TACC project supports the automatic dockerization of applications written in C, C++, Fortran, Python, or Bash.

For all questions regarding the BOINC@TACC project, please feel free to contact Dr. Ritu Arora at, with "BOINC@TACC" included in the subject-line.

Current Team Members


Collin Weir

Admin I

Networking, Security & Operations


Ritu Arora

Project PI

Software Design and Architecture


Saumya Shah

Software Engineer

Software Development & Testing


Jaidip Patel

Software Engineer

Software Development & Testing

Previous Team Members

Jason Allison

Senior Program Coordinator



Anubhaw Nand

Graduate Student Intern

Software Development & Testing


Carlos Redondo

Undergraduate Student Intern

Software Development & Testing


Gerald Joshua

Undergraduate Student Intern

Software Development & Testing


Thomas Johnson

Undergraduate Student Intern

Software Development & Testing